Kukulkite Towel Poncho by Pakal

Kukulkite towel poncho by Pakal

We are happy to show you the last product for Kukulkite : Towel Poncho by Pakal ! 

The poncho is the perfect product for your beach day, because his keeps you warm after an exciting surf session and gives you an essential shelter from winds and cold breezes while getting in and out of your wetsuit.

In fact, Pakal, means “refuge” in Mayan language!


We decided to collaborate with this brand because all the products are homemade and they are made in Merida in the Yucatan, Mexico, it’a town regknow for its fines textiles.

But also for the histoire of the brand. Pakal Ethnic Surf Shop is the product of the collaboration of a Franco-Mexican team inspired by the surf culture of French west-cost and the colourful textiles and handcraft knowledge of Mexican traditions.

The brand is managed by Michele, born in the Yucatan, Mexico, and Jeremie, her partner and photographer from Capbreton, France.

Together, this small team works to propose exotic products, inspired by positive cultural exchanges and the love of the ocean.

You want to looks like a pro-rider? Contact us or pass at the office to buy your poncho