A day at Punta Mosquito

A day at Punta Mosquito

Punta Mosquito is one of the two spots on the island. It’s located after the hotel Las Nubes at the end of the island.

We go kiting in Punta Mosquito when the wind is North/ Ouest.

For going there we have to go by boat, the departure is at the mean pier of the island, where is the letter Holbox. It takes 25 mins to go, the way is really beautiful because you can see the island from the sea. And on the way back you can have an amazing view of the sunset. When it’s Punta Mosquito day, you have to 4h of your day.


Punta Mosquito is a protected area, where you can see lots of birds and flamingos also. There is no hotel, no bar, nothing, just us with our kite.

The spot has a little bit more waves than in Las Nubes, but it’s shallow water also. It’s an amazing place to learn kitesurfing.