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Mappa Holbox Vento

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Holbox is one of the safest beaches to learn kitesurf / kiteboard and therefore ideal for beginners because of its shallow and unhindered waters. The experts or advanced kitesurf / kiteboard riders will find the perfect conditions especially in winter when the “Nortes” reach speeds of 28 knots or more.

The best wind is from November to August. During this time, the wind blows between north and east (most days north-east, it would be sideonshore from the right side). Once during every two weeks you will surely have a ‘North’, these being extremely strong every time. In December and January the temperature is between 75 F° and 86 F° degrees and from February to August the temperature is between 86 F° and 95 F° degrees.

Generally the climate is warm. A ‘shorty’ is recommended for the ‘Nortes’ in winter. Dominant wind: N, NE, E, SE.

Regarding the beach: side-onshore, sideshore, side-offshore. Better direction: N, NE, SE, S. Wind speed: 10 knots at 20 knots.

The wind is practically all the time during the evenings with direction NE sideshore, sometimes although windguru shows that there is no wind. Great SE winds for Punta Mosquito.

Spots that are preferable depending on the wind direction:

  • . Northeast, North, West: Spot in North beach Kitezone
  • . South, Southeast, East: “Punta Mosquito” To go to this spot it is necessary to go on a speed boat, when it is so, groups are organized. Contact


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