Things to do in Holbox Island

Things to do in Holbox Island

📌 What to do in Holbox when their is no wind 

🏝 Isla Holbox is a beautiful island off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The island itself is actually pretty long, about 40 km, but only part of it inhabited. Residents have resisted commercialization, leaving Isla Holbox with some of it’s original charm, here some activities to do when you come 

🐋 Swim with Whale Sharks on Isla Holbox (only June to September)

☀️ Watch the sunset in Punta Coco
😎 Relax in the hammocks
🦐 Eat seafood in local restaurant
🦩 Visit the flamingos in Isla Passion

🎨 Art Mural Tour
🛶 Paddleboard or Kayak into the mangroves
🐎 Horse back riding on the beach