Elementor #12572

What package should I choose?

→ Want to become and independent rider fast and furious? We recommend private lessons. Lessons tailored to your needs will make you a rider in no time! We also do advanced lesson: freestyle, unhooked, strapless

→  Prefer to share the fun? Come with a friend or meet someone new! In our duo lessons you will share your instructor and kite with one other student. 

→ You and some friends just want to see what the fuzz is about? Book a group intro lesson. To stand by our quality promise, we only offer this for groups booking together to get to a taste of kitesurfing.


After successfully completing your kitesurfing course, you will receive your IKO certificate  which you can demonstrate all over the world and shows that you can kitesurf independently.

How does a lesson work with us?

🏄🏻How does a lesson work with us? 

1. We give you all the equipment and set everything up. You go straight into the water! 

2. You will learn how to manage the kite. You will get your first feeling of power with the body drag.

3. Once you have mastered everything, you will jump on the board*.

*80% of people get on the board on their first day! Because your spot is so amazing to learn on (shallow water and flat spot) 

🤙🏻So don’t wait any longer and get in touch with us to book your kitesurfing lessons with us and become a kitesurfer!

Kitesurfing is a sport for everyone

Kitesurfing is a sport for everyone, you can start learning kitesurfing as a child of around 8-10 years old (depending on your weight) and there is no age limit to discover and enjoy a good kitesurfing session!

🤙🏻So if you are a family and want to try an activity that is really fun, then come and learn kitesurfing with us!

A day at Las Nubes

A day a Las Nubes

☀️A day at Las Nubes 

📌It’s the second spot of the island, you can go their by taxi, cycles or by foot. We kite at Las Nubes when the wind is North / East 

🌴It’s the perfect spot for passing all the day between kitesurf session, chilling at the beach and eating a coconuts