What is Kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing. Kite. Surfing. What is kitesurfing? What is it exactly? Seriously! Kitesurfing?! Is it a sport that combines the ballet of kite-flying, with the poetry of surfing? Sort of. But, in many ways, kitesurfing is so much more than that. There’s a depth to kitesurfing that may well have passed you by if you’re only knowledge of it revolves around those bizarre photographs of Sir Richard Branson kitesurfing off an island with naked supermodels. Because, despite our constant wrist pinching, that naked supermodel thing definitely happened.
Moving on from that, let’s break this whole kitesurfing topic down a bit. The first thing you should know about kitesurfing is that it’s actually a specific style of kiteboarding. Wait, we can explain. Kiteboarding, you see, is a surface water sport that brings together elements of snowboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, skateboarding, and gymnastics. The kiteboard used is similar in size to a wakeboard, and the kiteboarder is strapped to it with bindings. Like some sort of wind-manipulating superhero, a kiteboarder utilises the energy of the wind by moving his power kite in certain directions.

Kitesurfing, however, differs slightly from kiteboarding in that it uses a standard surf board which more often than not has no bindings attached. Stylistically, kitesurfers focus more on the riding of waves than hitting the big air and even bigger tricks that feature in the world of freestyle kiteboarding. Kitesurfing requires a location with wave breaks, while kiteboarding can happen anywhere with water and be anything you want it to be. That being said, nobody is going to shoot you down if you say “kitesurfing” when you mean “kiteboarding” or vice-versa. People who do this sort of thing are a pretty chilled bunch, more often than not.

Come and learn kitesurfing in one of the best spots in the world: Holbox Island in Mexico!

Holbox: Kite Paradise

Holbox is a lost paradise in the Mexican Caribbean. A magic island with lush white sand beaches and crystal clear water.

Once a land of pirates, today it has become a first class tourist destination, where the outbreak of enthusiastic visitors merges with the warmth of its people. Surrounded by exceptional landscapes and streets of fine sand, it is the perfect place to practice kitesurfing.

Only an hour and a half from Cancun or Playa del Carmen, Holbox continues to maintain an immaculate natural space. Far away from the crowd of the big hotels, you can have full contact with nature in its wildest state. An island with 42 kilometers long and 2 wide virgin space, where sailing with your board becomes an incomparable sensation. Dolphins, Manta Rays, a lot of species of fish, and an endless number of migratory birds become your companions during your kite sessions.



Holbox es un paraíso perdido del caribe mexicano. Una isla mágica con exuberantes playas de arena blanca y agua cristalina.

Tiempo atrás tierra de piratas, hoy se ha convertido en un destino turístico de primer nivel, donde el brote de visitantes entusiastas, se fusiona con el calor de su gente. Rodeado de paisajes excepcionales y calles de fina arena, es el lugar perfecto para la practica del kitesurf.

A solo una hora y media de Cancun o Playa del Carmen, Holbox sigue manteniendo un espacio natural inmaculado. Alejado del ruido de los grandes hoteles, y donde poder tener pleno contacto con la naturaleza en su estado más salvaje. Una isla con 42 kilómetros de largo por 2 de ancho de espacio virgen, donde navegar con tu tabla se convierte en una sensación inigualable. Delfines, mantarayas, cardúmenes de peces, y un sin fin de aves migratorias se convierten en tus compañeros durante las sesiones de kite.


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