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What package should I choose?

→ Want to become and independent rider fast and furious? We recommend private lessons. Lessons tailored to your needs will make you a rider in no time! We also do advanced lesson: freestyle, unhooked, strapless

→  Prefer to share the fun? Come with a friend or meet someone new! In our duo lessons you will share your instructor and kite with one other student. 

→ You and some friends just want to see what the fuzz is about? Book a group intro lesson. To stand by our quality promise, we only offer this for groups booking together to get to a taste of kitesurfing.


After successfully completing your kitesurfing course, you will receive your IKO certificate  which you can demonstrate all over the world and shows that you can kitesurf independently.

How does a lesson work with us?

🏄🏻How does a lesson work with us? 

1. We give you all the equipment and set everything up. You go straight into the water! 

2. You will learn how to manage the kite. You will get your first feeling of power with the body drag.

3. Once you have mastered everything, you will jump on the board*.

*80% of people get on the board on their first day! Because your spot is so amazing to learn on (shallow water and flat spot) 

🤙🏻So don’t wait any longer and get in touch with us to book your kitesurfing lessons with us and become a kitesurfer!

Kitesurfing is a sport for everyone

Kitesurfing is a sport for everyone, you can start learning kitesurfing as a child of around 8-10 years old (depending on your weight) and there is no age limit to discover and enjoy a good kitesurfing session!

🤙🏻So if you are a family and want to try an activity that is really fun, then come and learn kitesurfing with us!

A day at Las Nubes

A day a Las Nubes

☀️A day at Las Nubes 

📌It’s the second spot of the island, you can go their by taxi, cycles or by foot. We kite at Las Nubes when the wind is North / East 

🌴It’s the perfect spot for passing all the day between kitesurf session, chilling at the beach and eating a coconuts 

Things to do in Holbox Island

Things to do in Holbox Island

📌 What to do in Holbox when their is no wind 

🏝 Isla Holbox is a beautiful island off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The island itself is actually pretty long, about 40 km, but only part of it inhabited. Residents have resisted commercialization, leaving Isla Holbox with some of it’s original charm, here some activities to do when you come 

🐋 Swim with Whale Sharks on Isla Holbox (only June to September)

☀️ Watch the sunset in Punta Coco
😎 Relax in the hammocks
🦐 Eat seafood in local restaurant
🦩 Visit the flamingos in Isla Passion

🎨 Art Mural Tour
🛶 Paddleboard or Kayak into the mangroves
🐎 Horse back riding on the beach

Elementor #12505

🌊In kitesurfing there are rules that each rider must respect for the safety of all on the spot :

 #1: The rider entering the water from the beach has right of way over the incoming rider

#2: Starboard rider (kite on the right-hand side) has priority over the oncoming rider and should keep his course, speed and heading to allow the other rider to avoid him

#3: When two riders are traveling in the same direction, the faster rider must give way to the slower rider in front

#4: The rider surfing a wave has priority over the one who is jumping or going in the opposite direction

#5: Right of way must be given to other ocean and beach users. Kiteboarder must travel downwind of them

#6: To jump, a kiteboarder must have a clear safety zone of 50m downwind and 30m upwind

#7: When two kiteboarder are on land at the same time, one kiter is preparing to enter in the water and the other one is ready to land, both proceed and keep clear from each other

🤙🏻Golden Rule: If you are passing upwind, keep your kite HIGH and if you are passing downwind, keep your kite LOW

Kukulkite Towel Poncho by Pakal

Kukulkite towel poncho by Pakal

We are happy to show you the last product for Kukulkite : Towel Poncho by Pakal ! 

The poncho is the perfect product for your beach day, because his keeps you warm after an exciting surf session and gives you an essential shelter from winds and cold breezes while getting in and out of your wetsuit.

In fact, Pakal, means “refuge” in Mayan language!


We decided to collaborate with this brand because all the products are homemade and they are made in Merida in the Yucatan, Mexico, it’a town regknow for its fines textiles.

But also for the histoire of the brand. Pakal Ethnic Surf Shop is the product of the collaboration of a Franco-Mexican team inspired by the surf culture of French west-cost and the colourful textiles and handcraft knowledge of Mexican traditions.

The brand is managed by Michele, born in the Yucatan, Mexico, and Jeremie, her partner and photographer from Capbreton, France.

Together, this small team works to propose exotic products, inspired by positive cultural exchanges and the love of the ocean.

You want to looks like a pro-rider? Contact us or pass at the office to buy your poncho

Happy New Year !

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All the team wishes a happy new year with a lot of success and happiness! Of course also with a lot of Kitesurf adventures!

See you this year for a kitesurf session in Holbox

A day at Punta Mosquito

A day at Punta Mosquito

Punta Mosquito is one of the two spots on the island. It’s located after the hotel Las Nubes at the end of the island.

We go kiting in Punta Mosquito when the wind is North/ Ouest.

For going there we have to go by boat, the departure is at the mean pier of the island, where is the letter Holbox. It takes 25 mins to go, the way is really beautiful because you can see the island from the sea. And on the way back you can have an amazing view of the sunset. When it’s Punta Mosquito day, you have to 4h of your day.


Punta Mosquito is a protected area, where you can see lots of birds and flamingos also. There is no hotel, no bar, nothing, just us with our kite.

The spot has a little bit more waves than in Las Nubes, but it’s shallow water also. It’s an amazing place to learn kitesurfing.

6 Reasons why Holbox is the best place to learn kitesurf

6 Reasons why Holbox is the best place to learn kitesurf

1. More than 250 days of wind, winds of 15-25 knots predominate, varying from East to North
2. Crystal-clear water, ideal for learning safe
3. Shallow water, you learn directly in the water if the kite
4. Flat spots, in both spots there is no waves easier to stand up on the board
5. Perfection condition for beginner and advanced to progress
6. It’s paradise

All the conditions are reunited in Holbox to learn Kitesurf, you juste have to come and enjoy ! 🌴